What is a Slide Belt?

In simplest terms it is a belt whereby the buckle engages the belt using a gate mechanism that locks the belt by inserting the gate into a set of teeth in the belt. The belt slides through the buckle and is stopped and held by the gate. Other names are Ratchet Belt.

Slide belts are simply better belts. They adjust in 1/4” increments. Conventional belts adjust in 1/2″ increments. So, you can MICRO adjust a slide belt to fit.

We also love fine skins and exotic belts. We love the the rich lustre of a polished alligator belt, the geometric patterns of a Caiman croc belt, and the feather dimples on a fine Ostrich belt. Exotic skins wear longer, look better and feel better than leather. So, in 2019 we set out to create the finest exotic slide belts in existence. We sourced master belt makers who know the fine art of belt making and can feel the shaping of a fine belt. We educated them on the slide belt-how it works, how to skive and cut the skins so they would feed through the buckles.
And we tested the process. We made test belts from every skin in our collection.

Then we created our own buckles to complement our skins. Each buckle was designed in 3D CAD and meticulously carved for perfect detail. We sourced our own magnets
the are broader to make sure the gates work flawlessly. We sourced our own swivel pins for a better look and perfect operation. And we tested finishes to make sure we had the right
look that would make our buckles look beautiful and complement our belts.

We Stand by Our Belts

Our belts are made for the long haul. If one ever fails, or you have any problem with it, email me and I will personally get it fixed or replaced. The only exceptions are we
cannot replace a belt that you measure incorrectly. Also, any fine skin belt will fade in direct sunlight, so please wear your belts knowing that they may fade over time
and that direct sun exposure for long periods of time will cause fading.


Locking Mechanism

The latch provides the user with an easy way to both lock the belt into place and loosen the skin from the teeth. It’s almost too easy.


Locking Lever

This metal bar acts as the measuring tool for you belt. Every time it passes through a ratchet, it’ll click, letting you know you’re almost there.


Grip Teeth

These sharp teeth guarantee your belt won’t move when you do, assuring a consistent and perfect fit without puncturing the skin.


Locking Mechanism

Carefully hand-sewn into the leather, these ridges allow for 1/4″ incremental micro adjustments, made for any sized waist.

The ugly “Hole Creep”.
As your belt adjusts to your waist, it forms rings at the point where the buckle sits on the belt. If you gain a few pounds, it pulls and stretches the belt.
With a Slide Belt, this is eliminated. No more “hole creep”. And, instead of adjusting your belt in 1/2″ increments, you can MICRO adjust it in 1/4″ increments.
You’ll get a better fit, and your belt will be more comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slide belt?

Slide belts, or ratchet belts refer to a certain style of holeless belt. Around the world, it may also be referred to as a click belt, automatic belt, or a no holes belt. Instead of using holes, ratchet belts use an array of teeth sewn into the underside of the belt. They engage the buckle using a gated mechanism. The gate holds the belt secure until the wearer disengages it using the adjustment lever.

Where are the holes?

There are no holes. That’s the beauty of the technology. None of our premium skins are punctured or poked, ensuring a beautiful, clean look all the way through.

How do I measure the amount of leather to trim?

Figure out your waist size, add a good six inches to that and trim at that number.

What if the buckle breaks?

We haven’t seen a buckle break yet, but it is possible. No worries, though – just email us at maxx@maxxbelts.com and we’ll get a brand new one to you – gratis. We guarantee it.

What kinds of metals are offered for the buckles?

Our buckles come in both silver and gold metals. Upgrades to sterling silver and 24K gold are also available.

What if the buckle gets stuck?

If in the rare situation, the buckle locks onto the teeth and can’t be undone, simply cut the skin and then remove the buckle once the belt is off. Then, send us both pieces of belt skin and we’ll send you a new skin.

Do these buckles work with traditional belt skins?

No, these buckles are custom made to fit only our skins, complete with the slide belt technology.