We Want to Make the Best Slide Belt Ever Made

We love slide belts. They are the best-fitting, easiest to wear belts ever invented. They always look great, and they are so versatile. You can switch buckes in seconds for a new look. And, they never look worn – without holes to cause the ever-present “hole creep” of traditional belts, they always look fresh and new.

We also love fine skins and exotic belts. We love the rich luster or a polished alligator belt, the geometric patterns of a Caiman croc belt, and the feather dimples on a fine Ostrich belt. Exotic skins wear longer, look better and feel better than leather. So, in 2019 we set out to create the finest exotic slide belts in existence. We sourced master belt makers who know the fine art of belt

making and can feel the shaping of a fine belt. We educated them on the slide belt – how it works, how to skive and cut the skins so they would feed through the buckles. And tested the process. We made test belts from every skin in our collection.

The we created our own buckles to complement our skins. Each buckle was designed in 3D CAD and meticulously carved for perfect detail. We sourced our own magnets that are broader to make sure the gates work flawlessly. We sourced out own swivel pins for a better look and perfect operation. And we tested finishes to make sure we had the right look that would make out buckles beautiful and complement our belts.

We Choose Only the Best Skins

We source only the very best exotic skins. Our buyers have decades of skin grading and buying experience. We look at every skin we purchase to be sure it fits our quality parameters.

Cut Each Belt by Hand

Our master belt makers cut every belt by hand. They know just how to cut a skin so that it will join with others to make a seamless and beautiful belt.

Sew Every Belt With Perfection

Every belt we make is sewn by hand. After cutting, pieces are aligned and mated to lining materials and then carefully stitched by hand using old world sewing techniques.

Make Sure Every Belt is Perfect

We inspect every facet of each belt as it is produced. Our master belt makers look at every angle for stitching, alignment, and patterning. If they don’t like something, they remake it.

Make a Lasting Presentation

When our belt is complete, we deliver it in a hand crafted wood box. Because we believe presentation makes a difference.